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We have a few trade-related forums, including a plumbing forum, electrician's forum, and a tiler's forum. Each of them has thousands of members. So you can post a job to them for free, and let them reply to the job for free. You can then see which members have provided good advice before, done good work before, see how long they've been trading etc.

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  1. Find a Plumber, Tiler or Electrician

    Find a plumber, find a tiler, find an electrician. Post your jobs here and let them respond to you, all for free! The advantage with using us instead of a JobSite or 'rate your tradesmen' type site, is we're free of charge, and you can actually chat to the forum member, see their past work, see what kind of advice they've given, get references etc - all before committing to the job.