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  1. NeuroticNikki
  2. GrumpyGrampa
    Never give up
  3. Martyn2
    How do I get a slope on pipe to a soakaway to discharge condensate when elbows only seem to come in 45 or 90 degrees?
    1. ShaunCorbs
  4. Jim Goodenough
    Jim Goodenough
    Is there anyway of short circuiting the practical element of GasSafe training/registration. Can anyone advise please?
    1. ShaunCorbs
      Jan 20, 2018
    2. Jim Goodenough
      Jim Goodenough
      Hi Shaun, I'm new I posted it in the wrong place! I'm getting the hang of the forum now - thanks for your answer anyway.
      Feb 3, 2018
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  5. barrieboy
    Retired gardener, handyman, ken DIYer.
  6. Andrew Garrett
    Andrew Garrett
    Living the dream
  7. Lou
    Happy New Year!
  8. kevin
    There is nothing that can’t be done.
  9. plumb proud
    plumb proud
    Do you need a plumber in Northampton? Welcome to PlumbProud. We are your friendly, nearby and reliable plumbing and heating engineers.
  10. Jon1985
    In the trade 12 years mainly oil. Been oftec many years. Now teaching at collage. Joined to need my toe in.
  11. Chipdoctor
    DIYr who's replaced a couple of bathroms etc.
  12. supaplum
    gasafe registered
  13. Jon4354
  14. PhilTal
    Potterton Performa 24 boiler. Hot water not working, sometimes gets hot then goes cold and if tap on high wont stay hot
  15. Nwalky
    hello, wanting to learn more about boilers now that i'm dealing with them more frequently
    1. ShaunCorbs