Access-Only Area's - How do I gain access?

Come checkout the information in here if you're looking to gain access to the private area's of the forum.

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If you're looking to gain access to the various private access-only area's on the forum, then you'll need to contact one of the staff members who can upgrade your account for you providing you meet the criteria for the area. Staff members are listed at the bottom of this page.

(note to all - we are working on this page right now)

Plumbers Arms

Description: The Plumbers Arms is our vitual public house. We chat in here out of the view of customers, and suppliers, and can share jokes and light-hearted banter. We also sometimes find special discounts posted in here from sponsors and various other companies from within the industry.

Criteria: 50 posts minimum, and to provide proof that you're a trading plumber, and not a supplier that's also a plumber. We don't want suppliers in here.

Gas Safe Registered Plumbers Only

Description: Strictly for those who are part of the Gas Safe Register scheme.

Criteria: Provide us with your Gas Safe Register ID number and we'll maually check with GSR.

G3 / Unvented

Description: abc

Criteria: abc

Trusted Advisors

Description: These are guys who currently provide good solid advice on the forum, and prove their advice by quoting or linking to manufacturer specifications and help members to source the regulations behind their advice etc. They are hand-picked by their peers on the forum, and you cannot apply for this tag. You'll get spotted for being an awesome helpful member, who is always accurate.

This tag is for those who are CURRENTLY providing brilliant advice. So it is a tag that can be lost and regained as and when people spend time on our forum helping our members. We like to keep the tag current and not have lots of members with it who provided advice a long time ago and rarely post in current times when advice might have changed and their old posts may not be as accurate and current.

Staff Members (only contact one, and wait a day or so before contacting another):-


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Super Moderators:-

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