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  1. Plumb Loco

    Plumb Loco New Member

    31CE93A2-852F-41C4-9BA7-4D45D4AC8568.jpeg 6BF66664-2467-4DDD-8758-54AFE1006AB9.jpeg Hi all,
    Just found out today that our Halstead Best 60 Boiler has been leaking. I saw some drops of water on top of the microwave, to be told there has been water there for the last week and it had been wiped up every day!!!!

    Anyway took the side panel off and found that there was a drop of water coming from the top 28mm blanking plug. This has not been touched since the Boiler was put in about 20 years ago.
    It was not what I was planning for today, but drained the system via the boiler drain tap and removed the blanking plate. Luckily for me I had a new plastic cap in my plumbing spares box, and by luck managed to get a rubber sealing ring that fitted ( although I did order a couple of the Halstead spares for any future need!). All filled up and working again and without the leak, which is always a good result.

    Other than the fan unit, which only lasts about 2 years (Due to the bearings drying out and the unit gets really noisy), it hasn’t done too bad. Because of this I have a second fan, that I strip down and replace the bearings each time ready to go cost about £6.50 !! Better that the cost of a new fan unit each time.

    However, I imagine at some stage the actual Boiler will need to be replaced, can anyone suggest a direct replacement that would fit without having to have loads of work done.
  2. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    I would keep it going but not repair it with plastic. A Genuine fan will last longer than 2 years
  3. Plumb Loco

    Plumb Loco New Member

    The plastic insert is the actual Halstead part as supplied with the boiler. I bought a couple of them as spares years ago as I was not sure how l9ng they would last. The bottom left one was done about about five or six years ago, as I used to remove this one when descaling the boiler using some pipe work I made up for the job. The two fans I have are genuine Halstead fans, and the bearings used are the same as the original ones supplied. But I agree they should last longer.
  4. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    Old Halsted boiler parts are getting stupid price Heat only unit will be cheep enough to replace, even more so if fitting it your self
  5. Plumb Loco

    Plumb Loco New Member

    Just to update, the spare Genuine Halstead sealing rings I ordered turned out to be just O rings, that fit the plastic capping piece.(about 27mm dia). What I used (and has worked perfectly well), was in fact a 1” washer as used in a gas meter blanking connector,
    which is a lot cheaper and more readily available. These also have a square profile and so actually fit better on the plastic capping piece.
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