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  1. Tony12678

    Tony12678 New Member

    This KUB3023 has what seems to be a Valquest cartridge held in place by a 52-53 mm ring nut with 4 relatively shallow slots cut in the rim. The nut protrudes around 3 mm above the mixer casing and the mixer is recessed into the wall. No joy with an adjustable wrench. I made a removal tool with lugs to engage in the slots from 3mm steel. Again no joy. Hudson Reed tech support useless- "depends on water hardness". What?? "Try a screwdriver in one slot or one on each side" !!!. I was told that there was no specific removal tool for the nut- a screwdriver usually worked (I would like to see this demonstrated).
    Repeated soakings with WD40, which can normally perform minor miracles, has not helped. The shower is only three years old. Has anyone had any experience with this 'easy to replace' cartridge/ mixer?
  2. Phil

    Phil Plumber


    Normally an evening job with my girlfriend texting me my tea is ruined and its nearly 8pm and me saying nearly done! as I go back and forth to my van to get every tool going to try and get 1mm purchase on a soft brass nut that you need a 2ft Snap on breaker bar to remove in a vice.

    Normally a pair of Knippex Cobra's work, just get a good grip and ease it free.
  3. Tony12678

    Tony12678 New Member

    It's not just me then! After posting the above I found and ordered a 52 mm box spanner which is normally used for landrover wheel hubs. This should be arriving sometime this week. I am hoping that I will not have to remove the whole thing from the wall.
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  4. moonlight

    moonlight Plumber GSR

    I had a problem with this valve too. Non return valves. Replaced the whole thing in the end. :(
  5. Tony12678

    Tony12678 New Member

    I don't think that I will be using the same type of shower/cartridge again. I'll see if the box spanner works next weekend. I will be asking Hudson Reed for comments, especially if I have to replace the whole thing.
  6. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Totally gone off Hudson Reed as a result of similar issues. Water hardness neither here nor there, as problematic even with base exchange softener in place.
  7. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I am replacing a 3 way Hudson reed with something. Not sure what yet. As my suppliers have not back to me yet with a replacement. The reason I am replacing is because the cartridge snapped as I was trying to remove it and also the diverter snapped as I was removing the handle. FU**ing HUDSON REED:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  8. Ian McGuire

    Ian McGuire New Member

    ummm, a brass ring /nut with grooves would suggest a left hand thread, can anyone post a picture to confirm?
  9. Tony12678

    Tony12678 New Member

    The 52mm box spanner arrived last night, and whilst it is not an exact fit, it was enough to loosen the $$!!!* ring nut. Fortunately the valve was mounted on a substantial piece of wood, otherwise the amount of force involved would have ripped the whole thing loose. The valve is a very poor piece of design and manufacturing, the ring nut is rounded and the slots are not deep enough to insert anything substantial enough to turn the nut. H Reed 'tech support' haven't got a clue, they have obviously never seen this model or changed the cartridge. The valve should be supplied with a removal tool and the nut should be better made. Perhaps avoid Hudson Reed in the future? But are the other makes any better? Now going to soak the valve in vinegar overnight (as advised by the shop I bought the mixer from 2 miles away- although they didn't have any suggestions regarding removing the nut), re-fit and try again.

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  10. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    That nut is cast monkey metal, well done for shifting it normally your reward for doing so is shreaded knuckles and blood everywhere!
    Is is temperature problems or dripping showerhead?
  11. Tony12678

    Tony12678 New Member

    Temperature problems started this epic tale. I had expected the job to only take 20 minutes or so!