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Discuss I've got my first Plumbing exam on Tuesday for Level 1 in College. What should I know and remember? in the Plumbing Forum area at

  1. TioW99

    TioW99 New Member

    It's my first year for plumbing at college and so far liking it a lot and excited about it. I would like to know what should I definitely remember for my plumbing exam on tuesday? It seems like we learned mainly basic things but I was off in one of the days so I might have missed something important.
  2. Scott_1979

    Scott_1979 GSR

    Probably best asking your tutor tbh!!

    It's broken down into subjects usually so that should give you a specific area to study, what have you been learning? Exams these days are all on computers and multiple choice. And usually 2 of the answers are way off, good luck !
  3. Resteros

    Resteros New Member

    Dont worry, this exam is not the hardest thing that will happen with you in your life;)
  4. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    This the best advice ever ...

    Read the question and understand what its asking before you answer .

    Good luck
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  5. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Get a good night's sleep in the few days before any exam. Sleep is an essential part of building memory.

    As a longer term strategy, don't try to pass technical exams just by rote learning facts and procedures. Try to learn/understand the reasons behind them at the same time. When on site, try to recall what you have learned about a task first and only then consult your boss; actively using and recalling new knowledge is also a very important part of making it stick.
  6. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Good luck :)
  7. zzzjim

    zzzjim Well-Known Member

    (Some bits are sneaky lies - Just spot the politician ! )
    Good Luck .
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