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  1. revelation2112

    revelation2112 New Member


    We're renting a property and the toilet is a Saniflow that seems prone to blocking. We had a Saniflow engineer advise that this is due to a weak flush and waste not even reaching the macerator. However landlord got another saniflow plumber out who advised it's fine and that we need to blank flush every now and then and also use a cleaning solution to break stuff down. Advice I'm a little sceptical about.

    I understand that at the moment having only a macerator toilet does not meet building regulations but it did at the time . However both our sink and shower also drain into the macerator so we have no wash facility not connected to it. Does anyone know if this is or ever was allowed?

    Our bath waste seems to be pretty much an open waste pipe, kind of gross if that's also connected to the poo pipe.

    Apparently due to the layout of the pipes etc a macerator is the only option in this flat. However , I would imagine that if the landlord spent enough money they could install whatever they wanted ?
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  2. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I am not a macerate expert but there is one on the forum. I am sure he will be along at some point to answer your questions.
  3. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

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  4. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Thanks Shaun forgot who it was
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  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Common problem of an incorrect installation with a model favoured by landlords. Saniflo engineer correct, Saniflo plumber owned by the landlord!
  6. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Not allowed in the last 20yrs.
    Poo pipe? Please explain more.
    Unless it is in a basement then yes most likely.
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