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  1. Shooter999

    Shooter999 New Member

    Hi All,

    As part of the ongoing refurb of the bathroom, we've bought a vanity unit, which means that we have to move some pipes (to ensure the tap is centered on the tile location).

    The pipes dont need to be moved much. In the attached pic, pipes 1 and 2 need to be a bit lower and slightly moved to the right and the waste pipe needs to be cut, so that its closer to the wall.

    I plan on cutting the pipes and using speedfit fittings with plastic pipe to move to correct location. I will also take the opportunity to fit isolation valves.

    I was also thinking of moving the locations of all 3 pipes so that they will come out of the plasterboard at about 10cm above floor level. Once out of the plasterboard, the pipes for the taps will then have to go back up to a similar height that they are at now.

    The main thinking behind this, is that when it comes time to tile, all the fittings will be in the bottom tile cut.

    As I know nothing about plumbing is it acceptable to have pipes coming down and then going back up e.g. :

    1. Cut pipe 2
    2. Fit speedfit elbow joint
    3. Fit plastic pipe to elbow joint to take it down to floor level
    4. Fit speedfit elbow joint with plastic pipe to bring pipe out of plasterboard
    5. Fit speedfit elbow joint with plastic pipe to bring back up to current level
    6. Fit speedfit elbow joint
    7. Fit copper pipe with isolation valve
    8. Fit taps

    I would then do the same for pipe 1.

    Thanks in advance for all replies.