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  1. Gavin Martin

    Gavin Martin New Member

    Hi. I have recently after 6 years discovered that the reason i didnt have decent hot water downstairs in kitchen was due to the hot water supply valve to kitchen tap was faulty. If the issue evet corrected itself in the past, having a shower would cause the issue to return. The original screw flathead valve was set to reduce flow thus reducing hot water demand to kitchen. Now its sorted. However, the shower cold feed only works if kitchen tap supply is completely shut off. So when shower(which is a in you can select left for standard shower and right for rain shower....2 heads) was installed, i think plumber reduced kitchen hot flow. Odd or what.

    Any idea's. Its unvented but straight forward system i think. White pressure tank reduced from 2.5 to 2.2 to match cold pressure. Maybe should be reinflated to 2.5 to supply shower
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