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  1. Tictacfresh

    Tictacfresh Guest

    im a commercial plumber working for a small company. Their insurance does not cover my own personally bought tools.
    Can anyone recommend tool only insurance which includes on site cover. I have looked on the net and cannot find anyone.
    Thank you.
  2. gasmanrob

    gasmanrob Plumber GSR

    I had public liability insurance with axa and added £2500 worth of tool insurance to it for £5 a month. It wouldn't cover the total value of my kit but I figured that it would offer enough money that I'd be up and running again ASAP
  3. Paulplumb

    Paulplumb Plumber GSR

    Call me a cynic but insurance policies are great until you try to make a claim
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  4. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    Before paying for tool insurance - get a lawyer and one with a telescope that can see the footprints on the moon - just so you can read and understand the fine print.

    Been through all that:
    Hand tools - basically no cover.
    Power tools / cordless tools more than 3 years old - no cover.
    ( you have to keep model no's and serial no's of power / battery tools)

    You may as well get the price of a policy and put that money away each week and replace tools as they go missing or need replacement.

    Some of the more expensive tools you may be able to get individual insurance for each one - but there is a time period which they will cover you for. Once again - older than 3 years regarded worthless by the insurance company.

    Sickening feeling - but that's how it works
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