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Discuss Porous China - Victoria Plum Toilets in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at

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  1. carl wellstead

    carl wellstead New Member

    Just wondering if any of you have come across Victoria Plum toilets where the china is actually porous?
    We have a toilet that leaks through the inlet channel for the flush water of the pan!
    Am now in a battle with them as I believe the toilet was not fit for purpose.
    Anyone else ever come across this issue?
    Many thanks
  2. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Everybody on here knows my thoughts on that lot , it is more than possible its a faulty one.

    A lot of cheap toilets have the same problem , not saying yours is of course
  3. carl wellstead

    carl wellstead New Member

    Thanks - you are spot on I think. My mistake to go with VP. Will be sourcing a more reputable replacement.
  4. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    At least the spigot looks round and not like an egg and the inside isn`t looking roughcast and unfinished
    Something else to look for Carl when buying the next one.
  5. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Carl , go to your local plumbers merchant and you will be fine , its where I buy them
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  6. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    Seen this happen with B&Poo (sorry B&Q) toilets before. We don't fit them either now!

    Like others have said, pop down to your local plumbers merchant. Some of them are even friendly :) They don't sell rubbish as they know us plumbers won't tolerate that :)
  7. carl wellstead

    carl wellstead New Member

    Thanks all - Plumbers Merchants on Monday! I've had a look at the reviews on Victoria Plum and it's unbelievably bad - my mistake but ho hum.

  8. moonlight

    moonlight Plumber GSR

    I had a customer bought a toilet from Next. I thought they sold clothes :confused:
    Hair line crack inside. Admittedly they changed it very quickly. But it must have weighed as much as 2 bags of sugar :).

    Customers like what they see, but don't really know what there buying.
  9. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    Victoria plum are fully aware they sell rubbish as their operation is based around writing off 10% of sales per year. Just email them the pics and they'll send you a replacement.
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