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Discuss Replacing radiator, any advice or tips? in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. Carlos_UK

    Carlos_UK Member

    Evening Ladies and Gents,

    I need to replace this radiator and was wondering how straight forward it would be for me to do it myself?





  2. dan_the_plumber

    dan_the_plumber GSR

    Its fairly straight forward when you know what you're doing.
    You're going to have to know:
    How to drain system (probably most difficult bit)
    Install new rad (fairly easy)
    Fit valves (don't forget 15 turns of PTFE)
    Pipe new rad up, can you solder?
    Fill system back up and vent
  3. Carlos_UK

    Carlos_UK Member

    Ok, so more to it than I thought then!

    I didn’t think I’d need to drain the system down, just isolate the rad but that’s why I thought I’d ask on here first! Its a sealed system so does that make it easier to drain and refill?

    With regards to piping up the new rad, I’m quite happy with fitting the valves and I presumed that the new one should fit in the same space, the existing one is 300mm wide and 450mm high and I have found several different places that have 300mm wide and 500mm high but I presume it’s the width that’s important?

    And with soldering, I’m quite handy with a soldering iron for electrical stuff but I’m guessing that’s not transferable to plumbing!

  4. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    We would normally drain down change the valves to as they are as old as the radiator and its wise to take the opportunity to change the water and inhibitor in the system if its not been done in the last 5 years , you are correct in thinking the width is important but the distance off the wall to the centre of the rad valve connection is whats more important if its different then alterations to the pipework will be needed. Cheers kop
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