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  1. Simon O

    Simon O New Member


    As above I have a Salamander ESP 100 CPV working in a negative head arrangement.
    This has been installed for approximately 18 months with no real issues during this time.
    This is just running a shower and nothing else in the house and was installed by a plumber.
    However in the last few weeks the pump has started to occasionally switch itself on for between 3-10 seconds at a time coupled with a light dusting of water. At the same time I have noticed that the shower head continues to drip when the shower is switched off, which did not occur before.
    Does anyone have any ideas of the correct place to start hunting the issue down.

    Many thanks

  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    If the shower valve is letting water past it even a tiny amount, the pump will eventually start and recharge the outlet pipes for a few seconds. So the shower valve is where I would check first.
    The external expansion vessel on those negative head pumps also has an air charge which needs checked, because pump will do same thing if lack of air.
    Check with Salamander
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  3. Simon O

    Simon O New Member

    Thanks Best.

    Makes sense that it is the valve causing the pump to engage. Think I may have a spare cartridge somewhere to try.
    will post back when I get 5.
    Have already checked expansion vessel to ensure at 20psi.
  4. SalamanderPumps

    SalamanderPumps New Member

    Hi Simon, if you need any technical advice on our pumps our PumpWise team would be happy to help, just give them a call on 0191 516 2002. Thanks.
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