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Discuss Shower tray on ground floor concrete in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at

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  1. Rozzachamps

    Rozzachamps Member

    Hi, i need to put in a shower tray on a concrete floor in a ground floor room.

    I was looking at a floor level tray (essentially a wet room scenario) however looking at other threads it seems that you need to be able to access the plumbing for maintenance. How would this work if you install a wet room, as there is essentially no access to the underside of the tray?

    Also, can you get full length folding shower screens? I can only seem to find folding screens for bath/showers. The reason i need a folding screen is because above the shower is access to a loft area, and if i put in a normal shower screen that will essentially block it off. Therefore i need a screen that can be moved to the side when required.
  2. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    Can't you move the loft access to a better room or does it have to go there?

    Folding screens are a pain in the bottom, are rubbish and have too many seals to go manky.

    I'd go for normal shower tray with waste chased into screed.
  3. Rozzachamps

    Rozzachamps Member

    Thanks, but how are you supposed to inspect it if its dug into the ground underneat the tray? A lot of threads seem to say that any shower tray should have access via a removable panel.
  4. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    What height is the waste pipe currently?

    I suppose you're right about the waste, thinking about it its best left on a raised base.
  5. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    I get this quite often, customer wants a walk in shower tray but doesn't want an access panel or they have tiled/solid floors.
    There's only 2 options that are sensible.
    1. Flat tray with some sort of access underneath.
    2. Raised tray.
    You are on the ground floor and the floor is concrete. I'd say option 2 is your only viable choice without some really creative (expensive) jiggery pokery to get access in the future.
    A raised tray is only about 150mm up it's not the end of the world.
    And I agree with the above, those bi/tri folding screens are generally bad.
  6. NickH

    NickH Active Member

    Why would you need access to the underside of the tray ?
    Nearly all 90mm shower wastes are cleaned and maintained from above, there is nothing that can be got at from below. The waste pipe can all be tested before the tray is fitted. I don't see a problem, it's a standard type of installation and the tray manufacturer will usually have installation details on there website showing exactly how to do it.
  7. Mikuni

    Mikuni New Member

    Agree with Nick H. The only fitting needed under the tray is the joint of the trap outlet to the waste pipe. After that, its an unbroken pipe through to the underground pipework. Even with a raised platform, you have precious little access to the waste pipework. If properly installed and tested before covering over, there would be no need for access in the future.
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