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Discuss Stiff stoptap in lead pipe in the Valves & Taps area at

  1. Garyga

    Garyga New Member

    Hi, I've got an old stop tap in a lead pipe (prob from 1945 ish as that's when house was built) that's stiff and the bit you turn is loose (as the pin that holds it on has snapped) so it's hard to use and may not open up again if we need to close it.

    A plumber has tried to find the stopcock on the road but couldn't.
    His plan was to then try to replace the top of the stopgap with a modern one, he says the threads are still imperial so there's a chance it will work.
    Does that sound feasible ?
    The other option is to cut the wall open and fit a new stop cock in the copper part.

  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Slim chance it may work if you can get it shut off outside and he has reasonable access to the stopcock
  3. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    How much pipe is exposed below the tap?
    Is it Lead both sides?
  4. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I would contact the water board there will be one somewhere
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  5. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    Ask your plumber to get his underpants on and do it live!
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  6. Garyga

    Garyga New Member

    Hi, it's lead both sides I think, only a few inches exposed .
  7. Garyga

    Garyga New Member

    Thanks will do, I hope it doesn't shut everyone else's off too .
  8. richard978

    richard978 Member

    There will be an external tap and the likelyhood is that you have a shared supply. These lead mains should have been replaced by the water boards in my opinion because its something I come across daily as a plumber. But since it was all privatised it all falls on the home owner and there are real problems in terms of maintenance. So see where your neighbours is and work from there, I'm surprised your plumber didn't check this.

    In the long term I would consider getting it replace by a watermark plumber but this will cost in the region of 1700 pounds.

    Some plumbers will talk about leadlocs but my advice is avoid them unless its an emergency. These are a temporary fix and a precursor to having the main replaced.

    The other option is to cut the pipe above it and fit another stop cock or as your plumber says take the guts out and replace them with new guts, you just have to be sure that the old threads match the new version. There is a risk associated with changing the guts, the risk is that the wiped joint below the tap will be disturbed because of the forced required to remove the old one. If this happens then guess've got no water over Christmas so just bare that in mind. No one is going to mole a new water main in to your house in the next two weeks and the water authorities will slow you down with paperwork and regulations, inspections.

    I do sympathise with your situation but rest assured at least its not leaking. I went to one on Monday with a leak, they have very little money and like the muppet I am I've moled a new main in for less than 400 pounds. I made less than 200 quid. They are still waiting for Severn Trent to approve the replacement, then book an inspection and then book the connections and disconnection.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017