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  1. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Okay, I've gone through the accounts system and have basically deleted all accounts that haven't been logged into since the end of 2015. I think it's fair to say they're probably not coming back.

    Unlike facebook and twitter, we don't like to just keep all accounts to boast numbers. We just want to keep the accounts that people use.

    So 29,745 accounts have gone. The software will recalculate the total number of users we have active since then once it has finished erasing the accounts.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to say that if anybody would like their account removed from the forum, just PM ME and I'll delete it for you straight away. :)
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  2. Meady

    Meady Plumber GSR

    Wow that's a lot :) how many members were there in total?
  3. Dan

    Dan Admin

    About 50-something.

    We now have 19,700.
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  4. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    The mods used to encourage the one off question askers to open full accounts to get full answers to the questions they seek, I never understood this. There must have been tonnes of dormant accounts..
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  5. Dan

    Dan Admin

    We did allow questions from guests for a while so wasn't always true.
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