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  1. kasser

    kasser Member

    I thought a toilet always needed a vent pipe?
    I've just come across a ground floor toilet in a residential property where the waste pipe disappears into the ground and there's no soil stack around, except that of the neighbour on the other side of the party wall!
  2. Chriswareham

    Chriswareham GSR

    the ground floor toilet goes directey to the main drain
  3. kasser

    kasser Member

    But why would it not need venting as opposed to a first floor toilet?
  4. turnpin

    turnpin Trusted Plumber

    Sometimes if the manhole is shared the manhole is vented via the same stack that enters from the other properties...regards Turnpin:)
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  5. Chriswareham

    Chriswareham GSR

    first floor toilet will cause more suction as it goes down the soil pipe if there is on vent pipe it will suck out the water from the traps
    a toliet at ground level doesn;t have this
  6. kasser

    kasser Member

    OK, makes more sense now. What's the standard reg then for ground floor toilets? No vent pipe if shared manhole? Or is having one always a good idea?
  7. Chriswareham

    Chriswareham GSR

    some manhole have a vent if there is no vent from a stack pipe so that it flows down the drainage
  8. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    The regs would state when a vent is required and when a vent is not required.

    - Does the drain from the WC enter a vented drain.
    - Does the length of the branch to the WC, off the vented drain, fall into the length allowable by unvented branch drains.
    - Does the drain to the WC pick up any other fixtures.

    There is no specific reg that covers ground floor toilets.
    The regs state what is deemed a vented drain, what is deemed a vented branch drain, the maximum allowable distance a type of fixture can be installed into an unvented branch drain with out a vent.
    So each case has to be cross referenced with the regulations to see what is or isn't required for venting purposes
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