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    Mine is up the end of the months, currently paying about £87 with Autonet for a Ford Transit

    Anyone recommend anyone chaps ?
  2. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    try one of the comparison sites i normally get a good deal but at 87 quid its peanuts anyway
  3. iain85

    iain85 Guest

    Blimey surely that's a month? Mines 800 a year for a crappy combo (30 years old low risk area 3 points)


    Yes, only a 54 plate Transit
  5. iain85

    iain85 Guest

    I see that makes me feel better!
  6. secret squirrel

    secret squirrel Guest

    I thought that was £87 per year to start off with, I was thinking "how cheap do you want it, if it gets cheaper they'll be paying you!"
  7. erpkid

    erpkid Plumber GSR

    254 a year for an 08 plate caddy maxi. Benefits of being old I suppose. This on borders of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Would be even cheaper if we were in Ipswich.
  8. mitchellcook

    mitchellcook Guest

    I renewed mine this week. £1000. for an 08 plate renault traffic. Last year i paid £1700 for the year. Thats what you get for being 22 i guess. You gotta laugh if not you might cry.
  9. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

    That's actually pretty good for 22.
  10. mitchellcook

    mitchellcook Guest

    yeah im pleased it is quite a drop in price this year than the previous. with all the costs of van, tools, gs reg, insurances, training fees, advertising, feels like we should be charging £200 per ball valve just to recoup lol.
  11. RGN007

    RGN007 Guest

    Don't worry. The new "equality" rules might make it cheaper in 2013 for you lads.
  12. Shellis

    Shellis Guest

    Insurance is a nightmare, with 6 years no claims at 24 years of age the cheapest i can get on a berlingo worth £500 is £650! it's like buying the van again!
  13. thereisawizza

    thereisawizza Plumber GSR

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 15, 2016
  14. kozak1968

    kozak1968 Plumber GSR

    £692 citreon berlingo on a 10 plate 4 years ncb 1 accident my fault 1 windscreen 44 years old.... Outrageous!!!!
  15. michael c

    michael c Plumber GSR

    i insured a transit 280 swb first ever van insurance cost me 756 i think through auto net. Im 26 no points, 1 claim (tp at fault) living in a not so great area.
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