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  1. Dan

    Dan Admin

    [DLMURL="http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/sponsors.php"][​IMG][/DLMURL] [DLMURL="http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/sponsors.php"][​IMG][/DLMURL] [DLMURL="http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/sponsors.php"][​IMG][/DLMURL] [DLMURL="http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/sponsors.php"][​IMG][/DLMURL]

    We have a new sponsor comning on board, this will be for most of our websites.

    The sponsor is a Van Leasing company, we're in final talks with two at the moment and are just getting the best deal out of one of them. Obviously we want this to be a long-standing thing so we're making sure it's right for us all before we announce which one and full details.

    I've been looking into this a bit though and it seems you can get decent new vans for a very reasonable monthly fee after you've taken the tax benefits into account. Upto 40% of the costs can be recouped throughout the term and we're getting decent rates as part of the scheme too.

    An example given to me was
    If you are a higher rate tax payer (currently 40% for non limited companies) you will in effect get 40% of your payment paid back from the tax man.

    New Navara 2.5 Sport Double Cab
    Deposit £2500 less 40% tax benefit =£1500
    Weekly Payment £54.98 less 40% tax benefit = £32.98

    or, as a 20% tax payer

    Deposit £2500 less 20% tax benefit =£1925
    Weekly Payment £54.98 less 20% tax benefit = £43.33
    Although this is one of the more expensive vehicles.

    For a Renault Kangoo

    With maximum tax allowance,
    your weekly payment of £32.99
    £17.38 a week

    And your deposit of
    becomes a
    £1050 deposit
    I'll keep you posted.

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    Last edited: Mar 31, 2017
  2. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    Thanks Dan, any update on this?
    The figures don't look too bad I suppose but I prefer to own my van myself.
  3. Atouchofgas

    Atouchofgas Plumber GSR

    Well as it was seven years ago I doubt it's going to happen
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  4. newcastle phill

    newcastle phill Guest

    Still trying to thrash out a deal ?? Hah
  5. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Vans direct ??