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  1. DeeBee19

    DeeBee19 New Member

    Hi . I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this.

    I had a new bathroom installed into the upstairs of my dormer bungalow when I moved in this year. It includes a large slipper bath and freestanding tap. Every now and again the water from the bath leaks through the ceiling onto the bed in the room below. My builder is stumped. We've flooded the bathroom floor and it didn't leak through, he's cut a hole in the ceiling and the waste pipes are still sealed, he's checked the overflow and there's no problem with the bath itself as it only happens occasionally. The only correlation I can think of is the fact that each time it's happened I've used the hand held shower attachment while in the bath and then put it back in its stand on the tap. Has anyone come across problems with freestanding taps, particularly relating to the hand held attachment?

    Many thanks
  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Don't bother getting your builder, as he highly likely won't know much about plumbing. (Did your builder do the install?)
    I would test the whole bath, - pipes, waste pipe and overflow to extreme, while watching carefully around the pipes. Just be aware that waste pipes can leak only when under extra pressure.
    Get a decent plumber in to take a look.
  3. DeeBee19

    DeeBee19 New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes the builder did the install as part of the total refurb of the bungalow. Unfortunately the complete bathroom floor has been tiled so I assume that having a look around as you suggest would probably have to be done via the bedroom ceiling below? I still think that the water that is left in the shower attachment when it's turned off is running back down into the tap somehow . its too much of a coincidence that the only time there's a problem is when I've used the shower attachment and put it back on the stand. It never happens if I use the shower attachment and leave it in the bath (after cleaning the bath etc). I just wondered if anyone had had this problem previously. I will phone a plumber to check it out though as you suggest. Many thanks!
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