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  1. sheedy

    sheedy New Member

    Thompson & lea, Ultimate heating, Screwfix, City plumbing.
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  2. adonis

    adonis New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation. Plumb Centre
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  3. Canyondust

    Canyondust New Member

    Toolstation, Screwfix and pipe fittings direct (for unusual adapters, Steel pipes etc).
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  4. Ashly90

    Ashly90 New Member

    Williams, Screwfix, plumb centre
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  5. phebas

    phebas New Member

    BES because of the free delivery for a relatively small order to me over here in NI!. Also local Screwfix but no way the same range as BES.
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  6. FHE92

    FHE92 New Member

    Screwfix or Toolstation
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  7. StillLearnin

    StillLearnin GSR

    Cambridge Heat Group, Plumbcentre, Screwfix
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  8. Peter O'D

    Peter O'D New Member

    In England I use Coventry Plumbing in Swan Lane, in France I use whoever is he cheapest, which means I come back to Coventry Plumbing!
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  9. Snowman1

    Snowman1 New Member

    Screwfix nearly always
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  10. Ianacorn

    Ianacorn New Member

    Toolstation, Plumb Centre, plumb Base generally..
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  11. Marie H W

    Marie H W New Member

    Plumb Centre,Toolstation, Screwfix, Armstrongs
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  12. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    MKM, Plumbfix and Toolstation
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  13. Windy

    Windy New Member

    Shoebury Heating And Plumbing Supplies (S.H.A.P.S) really helpful shop!!
    Plumb fix
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  14. Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man GSR

    Been away from the UK for a few years now, but we used to use Plumbase and a local independent if working in one area.
    If working south, and the odd ordering in, we used Williams.
    For my private jobs, I used Williams for the simplistic pricing. (Living directly between Plumbase and Williams).
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  15. buncers

    buncers New Member

    screwfix, toolstation, pts
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