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  1. hmv4u

    hmv4u New Member

    screwfix toolstation
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  2. VapourSnow

    VapourSnow New Member

    Toolstation, BES
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  3. chrispie

    chrispie New Member

    Williams, plumbfix and nordens
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  4. Nigel 206

    Nigel 206 New Member

    Screwfix,Plumbcentre,plumbase,city plumbing, where ever is closest normally.
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  5. plumbod

    plumbod New Member

    I use Plumbase and occasionally Grahams for specialist materials Otherwise Toolstation mostly followed by Screwfix All the best Plumbod
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    REDSAW Guest

    you get 10-20% on some items the public dont get. its run a bit like williams='trade only' which is nice. locally, its cheaper than at local merchants for a lot of generic stuff like controls, tools, fittings etc but you dont get any product advice or knowledge!. prefer proper merchants but quite happy to pop in after seeing something in the catalogue and knowing the price before i walk in helps. its not the same but another option, toolstation the same cheap but public. very popular with sparks and plumbs in general, being local and conveinent is good especially when its open weekends and till8pm!
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  7. downthetube

    downthetube New Member

    80% Screwfix, 10% Toolstation, 10% local merchant, but I'll probably buy more from Toolstation now I've discovered them.
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  8. AMGasServices

    AMGasServices GSR

    I use worsley part centre and heatingspares24/7
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    REDSAW Guest

    williams, parts center, screwfix,
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  10. gold

    gold New Member

    I am not a plumber but rather a reasonably competent DIYer. Whenever I have needed plumbing/central heating parts I have found Screwfix the local Plumb Center branch and CET Ltd in Watford to be reasonably priced.
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  11. Richard747

    Richard747 New Member

    Wokingham Bathroom Supplies
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  12. AdeWhittaker

    AdeWhittaker New Member

    City Plumbing, Screwfix, sometimes B&Q. I went online to Anchor Pumps for a new shower pump.
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  13. alexmurchison

    alexmurchison Member

    Wolseley plumb and parts centre. Scunthorpe
    Plumbase (was Jacksons). scunthorpe
    Screwfix for drainage parts .scunthorpe
    Bathrooms etc online
  14. Hammish

    Hammish New Member

  15. Hammish

    Hammish New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation .
  16. Hocks172

    Hocks172 New Member

    Grahams, Plumbase, Toolstation, Screwfix, City Plumbing and sometimes BSS.
  17. robo1889

    robo1889 New Member

    Plumb Centre
    Travis Perkins
    City Plumbing
  18. Darren553

    Darren553 New Member

    Plumb centre, Screwfix, toolstation
  19. Lee Chapman

    Lee Chapman New Member

  20. Bimble

    Bimble New Member

    Screwfix (nearest), Toolstation, Grant and Stone if the others don't have it.
  21. mickeychips

    mickeychips New Member

    Heatmerchants (Ennis, Clare Branch):), Heating World of Spares.
  22. plum the depths

    plum the depths New Member

    "Dan, post: 934050, member: 1"]
    BES / BSS / PTS / Fraser Ellis / Burge and Gunson / Angel Plastics
  23. mattanglo

    mattanglo New Member

    Clevedon plumbing supplies, bes, screwfix.
  24. mvrobb

    mvrobb New Member

    City, Graham's, local merchants
  25. Lapchien

    Lapchien New Member

    Plumb Centre, Grahams, Travis Perkins
  26. jackeroo

    jackeroo New Member

    Hi dan i use webbs in weston-super-mare, screwfix and ultimate heating or online mr central heating. cheers
  27. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    Williams and plumbase
  28. Sseclayton

    Sseclayton New Member

    Toolstation Screwfix SX Heating
  29. Pipesandpower

    Pipesandpower New Member

    Screwfix, grahams, plumb centre, Williams
  30. RayOfLemington

    RayOfLemington New Member

    Scvrewfix for pipe fittings & consumables
    Toolstation occasionally.
    Plumb Center (Wolseley group) for parts.
  31. Showerman41

    Showerman41 New Member

    Our plumber uses and highly recommends John Nicholls, Banbury. When we lived in the Hinckley area, our plumber's first choice was Stuart Plumbing Supplies, Nuneaton.
  32. cornwalltone

    cornwalltone New Member

  33. cornwalltone

    cornwalltone New Member

  34. Velocette1966

    Velocette1966 New Member

  35. DaveC05626

    DaveC05626 New Member

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