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Discuss Which plumbing suppliers do you use? - We'll create a poll once we have a list in the Plumbing Forum area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Martin00

    Martin00 GSR

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  2. pagledz

    pagledz New Member

    Screwfix, Amazon and Wolseley Plumb Centre
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  3. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Amazon?! That's a new one on me!
  4. oilman

    oilman Member

    Plumbcenter, partscenter, Grahams, City, plumbfix
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  5. jjkenya

    jjkenya New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation
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  6. thorners

    thorners New Member

    Advanced Heating Spares in Hull, Tool Station & Screwfix.
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  7. JDFMMosaics

    JDFMMosaics New Member

    Screwfix, Wickes and Plumb Centre.
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  8. pegreg777

    pegreg777 New Member

    Plumbfix or [email protected]
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  9. JohnBS

    JohnBS New Member

    Toolstation, local hardware store
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  10. JimNicho

    JimNicho New Member

    Screwfix, Sheths Plumbing Supplies
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  11. Gaza07

    Gaza07 New Member

    Wilson Hall, Plumbfix, Toolstation, Any local merchant near the job when required
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  12. Gasmancoops

    Gasmancoops GSR

    Plumbfix, Plumb Center, Pipe Center
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  13. burdec

    burdec New Member

    Screwfix , while in Ireland ..Heatmerchants (part of the Grafton group) and even Amazon
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  14. WHPES

    WHPES Trusted Plumber GSR

    Crossling, Screwfix, BES HWOS
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  15. Sparkgap

    Sparkgap Active Member

    BSS, City, Plumb Centre, Plumbase, Pipe Centre. Sometimes Screwfix & Toolstation
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  16. norbet

    norbet New Member

    Plumb centre, Screwfix
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  17. romeospadre

    romeospadre New Member

    Plumbase and Plum City
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  18. Paul_K

    Paul_K New Member

    Screwfix Plumbworld
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  19. kapurbirdy

    kapurbirdy New Member

    Screwfix via online.
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  20. Lil Red Rooster

    Lil Red Rooster New Member

    Screwfix, Plumb center, Toolstation
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  21. BobbityBob

    BobbityBob New Member

    City plumbing, dhs, keep the heat on, Jones and Shuffs
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  22. mubesjnr

    mubesjnr New Member

    HPS, Williams, Drakes, Screwfix and sometimes Plumbase
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  23. PhilH

    PhilH New Member

    Wickes, Screwfix, Grant & Stone
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  24. tridimnaw

    tridimnaw Member

    Grahams and plumbs
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  25. mrtroper

    mrtroper GSR

    plumb centre, toolstation. screwfix, national boiler parts,
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  26. gerinemo

    gerinemo New Member

    Screwfix Chadwicks
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  27. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    Plumbcenter, screwfix,
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  28. big_pete_1981

    big_pete_1981 New Member

    Pts and screwfix
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  29. Georgiou112

    Georgiou112 New Member

    plumb center, City Plumbing and Internet
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  30. missplumb

    missplumb Plumber

    1- bss
    2- screwfix
    3- pts
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  31. jochto50

    jochto50 New Member

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  32. Jo the boat

    Jo the boat New Member

    Screwfix toolstation B & Q
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  33. Dan.plumber.man

    Dan.plumber.man New Member

    Plumb Center
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  34. Lexter

    Lexter New Member

    Hi, I use William and co, screwfix, toolstation and sometimes [email protected]
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  35. Frog67

    Frog67 Member

    Hi Dan, Williams, Plumbase then City Heating Supplies
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  36. ElitePlumbing

    ElitePlumbing New Member

    Toolstation, Screwfix, Swansea Plumbing Point, City Plumbing, and if I'm desperate plumb centre.
    Also.. Selco, Buildbase, N&C, Topps Tiles,
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  37. Thoggy

    Thoggy Plumber GSR

    Williams and a local independent, plumb centre aren't worth all the hassle haggling prices and invoices when price already agreed, pretty sure half the stuff they do is against trading standards.
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  38. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    Mine are Williams first off, then Toolstation/Screwfix. If I can't get what I need in advance through Williams I will pick it up at the latter two. If then I'm struggling I head to the local merchants where I know I will pay through the nose!!
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  39. kofi

    kofi New Member

    Tradepoint/screwfix toolstation plumbcenter
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  40. heliotrope

    heliotrope Plumber GSR

    HPS, Plumb Center, Harris & Baily, City Plumbing, DSW (for oil spares) .
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  41. Stoney Ground

    Stoney Ground GSR

    Williams, City's (spares) , Windsor Heating, Screwfix
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  42. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Going to knock up the poll later i started on it last night
  43. MikeyM

    MikeyM New Member

    Hi sorry for late reply

    I use screwfix, b&q & city plumbing supplies mostly


    Mikey M
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  44. PhoenixServices

    PhoenixServices Plumber GSR

    I use Bicester plumbing supplies, screwfix, bes and occasionally grant and stone.
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  45. Lews loos

    Lews loos New Member

    Plumb Center, BES and Screwfix
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  46. SquiresPlumbing

    SquiresPlumbing New Member

    Plumbfix, Plumbcenter, wicks (renterd property stuff), willbond, tradepoint, use most for different stuff! All depends what you want at what price.
  47. pmplum

    pmplum New Member

    City Plumbing Supplies, Plumbase, Screwfix
  48. Leezygeezer

    Leezygeezer GSR

    I tend to use bes, city plumbing and screw fix on a sat/sunday
  49. fuhrer

    fuhrer New Member

    Parts Centre, Williams & Plumbfix
  50. beckett1

    beckett1 gashead

    plumbs + pts