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  1. fuhrer

    fuhrer New Member

    Hi Dan
    Sorry but I'm new to this forum thing. You sent me a post & link to profile page to update details but when I enter company name it comes up with 'enter valid format'?? Can you please help. I would have responded to the actual post but couldn't find a reply button??

  2. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    It might be the & sign if you are using it?
  3. fuhrer

    fuhrer New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply. The company name is Gas Serve NW. Does it not like capitals or something?
  4. aqua.heat

    aqua.heat GSR

    Williams, PlumbFix, Plumb Centre/Parts Centre and Buy Plumbing Online .com
  5. fuhrer

    fuhrer New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply. The company name is Gas Serve NW. Does it not like capitals or something?
  6. Dan

    Dan Admin

    I get the same error I'll take a look when I'm back in work this week. :)
  7. fuhrer

    fuhrer New Member

    Thanks Dan
  8. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    city and the big boys bss
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  9. jackeroo

    jackeroo New Member

    Screwfix bes and Webbs of Weston super mare
  10. SteveBoy

    SteveBoy New Member

    Grahams, PTS, City Plumbing
  11. sheff paul

    sheff paul Plumber GSR

  12. plumbgaspaul

    plumbgaspaul New Member

    Mr Central Heating, Screwfix, Plumbase, Grahams - whoever is the closest to the job!
  13. jaydebruyne

    jaydebruyne Plumber GSR

    Plumb/partscenter, screwfix, b&q, toolstation and various online merchants like showerdoctor
  14. MorrG

    MorrG New Member

    I usually buy my tools from Amazon unless I urgently need them then and there, in which case I'll go to screw fix or tool station! Amazon is good for tools if you're willing to wait for them to be delivered.
  15. stevesg18

    stevesg18 GSR

    Pts plumbfix toolstation
  16. Vee

    Vee GSR

    City Plumbing, Wolseley, Screwfix, Williams, BES, Toolstation, Gas Spares (Preston), CHS (Local Spares Outfit)
  17. Kingston Gas

    Kingston Gas New Member

    City Plumbing and screwfix
  18. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    So where is the poll Dan?:D:D
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  19. wiggers

    wiggers Plumber

    City plumbing, plumbcentre, Croslings and screwfix
  20. heatsmart

    heatsmart GSR

    City Plumbing. HPS. Plumbs
  21. Super Mario

    Super Mario GSR

    Screwfix toolstation plumb centre
  22. Jock Spanners

    Jock Spanners GSR

    Plumb Center and Screwfix
  23. Captain.rick

    Captain.rick GSR

    Sorry for late response... I use plumb centre and screwfix mainly.. occasion ally tool station
  24. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    They do a Plumbfix / Electrifix trade counter next to the public one, but we can get tea and bickies.:):):)
    I have recently seen a black trade/account card advertised, but don't know anything else about it.
    If you have a Tradeit account you can use it as well, Screwfix and B&Q are both part of Kingfisher group.

    They normally have end of line stuff with good discounts on too.
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  25. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    City Plumbing.
    Plumb Centre.
    Active Plumbing Supplies.
    Plumb Stop.
    Roses, local hardware store, couple of good price tools.
    JDA Fixings.
    In that order.

  26. diptin dogshi..

    diptin dogshi.. New Member

    Toolstation, graham, screwfix, bnq, city
  27. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    Sorry, said Tradeit, I meant TradePoint.
    Can we not edit our posts now, that was handy.
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  28. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    Forgot B&Q.
  29. markfxy

    markfxy Plumber

    williams, plumbcenter, drakes and screwfix
  30. mo7

    mo7 Member

    B and Q
    City Plumbing
    Plumb Center

    I have found Grahams the most friendly but they are furthest away.

    I am not a tradesman but I have done a lot of DIY for myself and family members.
  31. JVTrades

    JVTrades New Member

    Williams, City Plumbing, ABL and Lunns (independants) HPS
  32. Soulmonger

    Soulmonger New Member

    Plumb Centre, Screwfix and ~Grahams
  33. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Still no poll though:p:p:p
  34. DuncanM

    DuncanM Plumber GSR

    Independent where I can. Graham...Anywhere close to site.
  35. AGS Gas&Heating

    AGS Gas&Heating New Member

    Screwfix, toolstation, plumbase, plumb centre, online shops
  36. KV4

    KV4 New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation or Builders depot
  37. Lunchbox171

    Lunchbox171 New Member

    Grahams, plumbase, parts centre, screwfix
  38. Ted808

    Ted808 Plumber GSR

    Local suppliers. WMI Finchley. A10 boilers. Click plumbing. Empress bathroom and building supplies. Screwfix. Builders depot. Best&Q
  39. bigron72

    bigron72 New Member

    PTS, Grahams, Plumbcentre, BES and Screwfix.
  40. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Well-Known Member

    Perhaps Dan is still waiting for someone to reply "Victoria Plumb". :)
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  41. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

    Williams, City Plumbing, BES, Screwfix.