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  1. Frank_rocco30

    Frank_rocco30 New Member

    Hi all,
    First post, just after some advice - it would be much appreciated!

    My old man has just bought a flat, it has what appears to be a separate hot water system, with its own timer/controller in the airing cupboard. Looks pretty straight forward.

    Just trying to work out the heating system.

    There are electric radiators in nearly every room, with following controller knobs. Left has 0,1,0,1 which I assume is on and off. Right has 1 - 6 which I assume means you can independently control each radiator.

    The following controller is in the kitchen, I can't seem to find any online documentation about it:


    Could anyone tell me if this is a storage heater system? Or this is just a controller to turn on the radiators, then you can set each radiator independently with the controls in the first picture. I would guess that zone 1 controls a few of the radiators (maybe hallway and lounge), and zone 2 controls the others (maybe in bedrooms).

    If all else fails I shall just try turning stuff on to see what heats up!

    Appreciate any advice here - thanks!

  2. Bollod

    Bollod New Member

    Storage heaters are quite big and chunky and would need a two rate meter Economy 7 normally. Not sure but the pictures may show controls for panel heaters which are thin and fixed to the walls. Storage heaters would be fixed to walls but also feet down to the floor due to heavy weight.
  3. Frank_rocco30

    Frank_rocco30 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Bollod,

    They are definitely more like panel heaters, and not large heavy units. Therefore this would suggest they aren't storage heaters and just standard electric radiators that generate heat as soon as switched on. Will have a play next time I am over there!
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