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  1. MyWifeNowDAVE

    MyWifeNowDAVE New Member

    Hello guys I was hoping to pick your brains on an issue I have got.

    I have fitted a new Monsoon S3.0 bar single pump for a customer and it screams like crazy. There is a clean supply going into the pump air free from the cylinder (supplied from a Surrey flange).

    When the outlet hose is isolated at the pump (to hold the existing water in the hot pipe back) and a separate hose is connected to the outlet part of the pump going directly into a bucket, it runs completely smoothly, with no noise whatsoever and a good flow of air free water passes through.

    I could understand it if there was air on the in-going pipework, but I am getting a good flow of water coming out of the taps, and the pump should push any air out of the outgoing pipework if indeed it is that that is making it scream. My gut reaction is that it's the pump objecting to the resistance when connected to the pipework, but when there is no resistance (going into the bucket) it's completely fine. I'd appreciate any feedback you may have.

    The hot water cylinder is sited downstairs. The cold water storage tank is in the loft in a single storey house. Another thing that makes me think it's a dodgy pump is the bath which is upstairs runs quieter than the kitchen sink (downstairs) as the pump doesn't have to work as hard...????? Thanks for any input anyone can give me at this stage
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    The phrase 'screams like crazy' when under load suggests a faulty bearing to me. Try contacting the maker (Stuart-Turner) to see what they suggest.
  3. MyWifeNowDAVE

    MyWifeNowDAVE New Member

    Thanks Chuck, I'll give them a call on Monday. You know it doesn't sound hopeful technical will be available on Saturday when you phone up and get a message saying
    "Office hours Monday-Thursday 9-5 .."
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