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Discuss CH working but no hot water (after shut-off valve's been used) in the Plumbing Forum area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Ben Owens

    Ben Owens New Member


    A little bit of background. I have been carrying out work to redecorate my bathroom this weekend; during that time, I shut off the water from the airing cupboard using one shut-off leaver. This resulted in no water flowing for either the hot or cold taps in the house, which is what I was after.

    After carrying out the work, I switched the valve back on to restore the water flow in the house.

    This morning I realise that although the CH is working absolutely fine, the hot water is not kicking in.

    I tried to manually pull over the trigger on the valve for about 30 seconds, but I it didn't kick in either.

    I have switched on the immersion heater for now, which is warming up the water before I left this morning, which allows me some time to troubleshoot.

    So looking for a bit of guidance:

    Is it likely that me switch off the water for a period of time has caused this issue, maybe an issue with air in the system?

    Is it possible that the valve is faulty? FYI, had both valves (water and CH) replaced last year, so quite new.

    Thoughts welcome, thanks in advance.

  2. Ben Owens

    Ben Owens New Member

    When I arrived home, I found the boiler wasn't firing for the CH either.

    Anyway, I switched off power to the central control unit in the kitchen. Waited 10 seconds or so, and switched it back on. Both hot water and CH working fine now. Will just have to monitor.