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  1. MickBrown

    MickBrown Member

    A friend of mine is building as new room separate from his house. He lives 2 hours away from me so was planning to use a local plumber. The guy who was going to do the job has now said he can't, another guy gave a ridiculous quote. So he has asked me to go down for a couple of days to help out. It is no problem for me to do but I have not had any experience with new builds so not sure how to plan it. The ensuite is below, floor level will be where the bottom batten is, there is about 200mm of insulation going in. At the far end will be shower on left, cupboard on right for unvented cylinder. On right will be wash basin then toilet and at this end a free standing bath. I plan to run hot and cold along the floor rising up to where they need be, they will be insulated in pipe insulation. There will be Shower, bath and basin waste, can run these along the floor and boss them into the 4 inch waste for the toilet? The other option is to go through the far wall and into a gully, the only problem there is the bath waste will be more than 3m. All the waste pipes will be supported to give sufficient fall and all pipes clipped. Floor insulation will then be fitted around them. I would also like to take the rising main into that cupboard, it would have been better positioned coming up there. So can I cut that down below finished floor level and put a 90deg bend so I can bring it up in the cupboard in the far right hand corner? Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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  2. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR

    What's the cold main made of?
    Burying things under concrete would be a last resort, you will never be able to get to it again
  3. MickBrown

    MickBrown Member

    It is standard blue MDPE, it has a metal stake next to it so cannot be easily seen in the photo. There will not be any concrete, it will be all insulation then an engineered wood floor I believe on joists. Haven't managed to get the full speck yet.
  4. Tomzas

    Tomzas New Member

    Just make sure your plumbing is sound and using solvent weld for plastic waste. Be sure to test your copper (hope your using copper) pipework before floor installation !!!!! Good luck :)
  5. MickBrown

    MickBrown Member

    Tx, Yes will pressure test all the 'copper pipe'. The waste will be solvent weld. Everything will be tested to within an inch of it's life.
  6. AWheating

    AWheating Trusted Plumber GSR

    dont put mdpe fitting in/ below screed. it needs moving to correct place, it should be in a sleeve coming out the ground. you can get an insulated box to bring it up external wall an through to cupboard.

    as for hot and cold it try and run seperate full lengths without fitting to each fixture to cupboard and connect them together. could always look a multi layerd pipe for this.

    wastes, run them to outside instead of in screed, use 2 inch for long run. only upvc outside not abs.
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