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  1. Scott Nye

    Scott Nye New Member

    Hi everyone, I am hoping for some advice on a few issues I am having with central heating/water.

    1) We recently had new landing radiator fitted, and in order to fit the existing rad cover on it, the plumber had to leave the TRV off. This radiator always seems to be belting out heat even when the desired temperature has been reached. I have manually close the valves so they are only open a small amount, but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. The boiler does not seem to be firing for a lot of the time when it is hot - not sure if the lack of a TRV means the hot water in the system is gathering in this one rad? I am worried that I might be wasting huge amounts of gas and money!

    2) I am gearing a load, ticking noise coming from the hot water tank and a connecting pipe in the morning when the hot water fires up. Our 2 bathroom rads are connected such that they come on when the hot water comes on. The ticking lasts for about 10 seconds and the ticks speed up until they fade out and stop. It sounds like air trapped somewhere. The boiler kicks in periodically to maintain the hot water at the desire temp and the ticking seems to come back when this happens. This has only started happening since we had a new bathroom installed.

    3) Finally, our radiator/towel rail in our en suite keeps filling with air, almost the entire thing fills with air every few weeks and needs bleeding for 2-3 mins in order for hot water to fill it again. What could be causing this and could it be connected to number 2 above?

    Many thanks in advance for your input

  2. ballvalve

    ballvalve New Member

    The rad will run hot with no trv fitted, it needs to be on. Ticking you can here is ok it,s just the pipe work expanding. Air in one rad is normal, it could be down to the system you have fitted.
  3. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    1. Unless this radiator is being run as a bypass or if the room stat is in the same room as the rad, then not ideal, but if it doesn't fit under the cover, what could your installer reasonably do? It may be possible to fit the TRV on the pipework feeding the radiator at the risk of it looking weird though. Depends on the pipe routing, but if you're the sort of person who covers your radiators, I'm going to guess that your pipes are all concealed as well?

    2. As ballvalve has said, sounds like pipe expanding, but also sounds like the pipe is rubbing against something. Very common, and probably not a matter of concern, though this noise annoys some people whereas others don't care.

    3. Air shouldn't really be able to get into an ideal heating system, and, in real world cases, having to bleed radiators more than a few times a year is not normal. Unlikely to be related to point 2.
  4. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    The rad on the landing rad can have a remote head fitted.

    You should not get air in a Heating system if it is installed correctly. You need a Heating Engineer who knows what they're doing by the sounds of it.
  5. SavageW

    SavageW Plumber GSR

    Ask the plumber who fitted the rad to come back an explain your issues since it’s been fitted,may not be down to anything he’s done but I’d rather a customer let me know if they’ve had issues after work iv done an be able to explain the system might need changing even if it’s chargeable wirk
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