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  1. dayne allison

    dayne allison New Member

    Hello All!

    Completely new to this forum and just a homeowner looking for advise so any help much appreciated.

    Recently bought an apartment and it has this Santon Premier Plus unvented Hot Water System. Attached some photos as it probably means a lot more to others than me!

    There are 2 switches next to it that i am told i can flick one for general use or both for greater use such as a bath.

    Mainly i'm just wanting to know what type of system i have and its pro and cons.
    Are these efficient systems for general hot water and shower use etc?
    There is no timer which is new to me, its used to heat all hot water including shower/bath and seems to take at least 30 mins to get hot enough for a shower.

    Would I be able to fit a timer to this system so i would come on for morning showers? Could anyone link me a suitable product?

    Thanks very much!



  2. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    You have a pressured hot water system. It is heated electrically by two heating elements.
    The bottom one will heat the whole cylinder and the top one probably 2/3rds.
    You will generally use the bottom one and use the top one when a smaller amount is needed quickly.
    A suitably rated timer can be fitted to the bottom one and the top is better left on a switch.
    Check to see if you have a good tariff on your electric as these can be expensive to run. ( economy 7 is a good option)
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  3. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    I will add a couple of small points to what Chalked said.

    There are nice controllers on the market for such system that combine a programmable timeswitch control for the lower heater and a timed (0-120 mins) boost control for the upper one. Best fitted by an electrician who will also perform a couple of basic electrical safety tests at the same time.

    Systems like yours should be serviced annually for safety reasons and must only be worked on by people with a 'G3 unvented' qualification. Check they have this before agreeing to let them do the work.
  4. dayne allison

    dayne allison New Member

    Oh thanks so much! That was unbelievably quick and just what i wanted.

    We had a boost timer for 0-120 at our old place so i get what you mean there. seems this system is very similar to what we have, just no timer fitted.

    Thanks, I will definitely check out the forum and get a service and timer fitted by an Electrician.
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