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  1. Allie

    Allie New Member

    I have a direct unvented water cylinder and recently needed a new element due to horrific limescale, I have a scale manager fitted and the suppliers tell me that if it wasn't doing it's job correctly the 2 tubes either side of the element (which I assume to be thermostat housings) would also be scaled. The logic here eludes me, I would be grateful if someone could explain if they would be scaled or not. I seem to be unable to attach a picture of the element, Many thanks :)
  2. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    Hi used to live just outside reading ! hard water area, High Wycombe was even worse, in my experience non of these scale reducers work all that well, I used to replace Immersion heaters on a regular basis as well has cylinders due to scale, the only way to beat it is to install a good quality water softener, expensive, but worth the investment, area I was in immersion heaters would last 8 to 12 mths cylinders up to 3 years
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  3. Allie

    Allie New Member

    Thank you, I am looking into a water softener now, this Scale Manager unit is not how I would have expected it to be, they are arguing that the tubes (housing) has no scale on even though the element itself is covered, I can't fathom why one has, yet not the other :/
  4. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    The thermostat pockets never have scale on them , and I think its down to two reasons 1. Pretty sure it is not the same material 2 the element part is the bit that heats and that is what changes the water hardness. Don't worry about it , put a softner in it or come up to Yorkshire lol .
  5. Allie

    Allie New Member

    Water softener here I come lol. Thank you :)
  6. Tesla

    Tesla New Member

    Hi Allie.

    The two tubes you refer to is the element sheath which is the part that heats up and will attract limescale (depending om your water hardness). The thermostat pocket purely houses the thermostat and doesn't heat up.

    What type of immersion heater have you got fitted? Size and material?

    We strongly recommend fitting titanium elements in very hard water areas.
  7. Tesla

    Tesla New Member

    I've just read your second post.
    From what I gather, the merchant you purchased it from is refusing to refund because there's no scale on the thermostat pocket? If that's the case, then that's wrong. I've never seen limescale on a thermostat pocket. If it's one of our heaters then I'd be happy to speak to the merchant for you.
  8. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    What you describe, i.e. preferential deposition of scale in the hotest part of the the system is exactly what one expects with a hard-water supply.

    The companies that sell such devices invariably offer a 'no risk money back guarantee' (or similar wording) which they use to protect themselves from attracting interest from Trading Standards. Tell them you want your money back and use it to pay a real plumber to install a proper water softener that works.

    If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
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  9. Allie

    Allie New Member

    Thanks guys , it was a plumber that recommended the thing for £224, I did think it might do something. It is a Centrestore direct unvented cylinder 210L, the merchant tells me that because there is no limescale on the pockets, the scale manager is doing it's job.

    He also told me that he has never seen limescale that colour (green tinge due to copper pipework) and said it's a chemical reaction and it should be tested. Basically anything to get out of it.

    I am looking into water softeners right now, I had never been affected by hard water before so didn't realise the implications, until now :(
  10. Tesla

    Tesla New Member

    Hi Allie,

    That cylinder is stainless steel. If any part of your immersion heater is copper then it will cause an electrolytic reaction and will fail so your plumber is correct.

    You need to install either an incoloy element with an incoloy thermostat pocket or a titanium heater which will have an incoloy thermostat pocket.

    I would check to see if your immersion heater has any copper on it before spending money on a water softner.
  11. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    What is your location ? someone on here will be in your area and will be able to advise you on best water softener, a good one will be upwards of £800 + but if you are planning to stay long time well worth the investment, will cut down on the amount of detergent's , scum in bath and will brake down excising scale in system, make sure has much scale as possible is removed from hot water cylinder or consider fitting a stainless steel one
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  12. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    I think he paid £224 for the scale reducer not a new cylinder !
  13. Allie

    Allie New Member

    I'm in Norwich, the immersion is 2 years old and now has a new element, I'm blinded by science with all these water softeners, yes it was £224 for the scale manager, I should have checked into the Company before I bought it really, but when you have no hot water except a leaking electric shower in a run down house with "potential" I guess you try to hurry things along :)
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