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  1. UKenGB

    UKenGB New Member

    Our current (Worcester 25/32) boiler has just failed and we've found another Worcester to replace it, but we need someone to disconnect the old boiler and install the replacement, with some changes in the system that I want to incorporate.

    Anyone recommend a suitable installer that can work in the (West) Surrey area, about 1 mile from M25?
  2. UKenGB

    UKenGB New Member

    I have disconnected the old (broken) boiler and just need someone to install the replacement. Someone available in the (Surrey) area?
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  3. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Where in Surrey?
  4. UKenGB

    UKenGB New Member

    Near Chertsey. We have finally found someone and have an install date. So currently not looking for anyone else, but if it doesn't work out I'll be back looking.
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