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  1. Tommo25

    Tommo25 GSR

    I’ve got my local inspector coming out to see my work next month as I’m newly gas safe registered.
    Anyone got any advice to put the nerves at ease, and what to expect. I’ve done a few jobs that I can show him/her mostly boiler and fire services. Also done a couple of boiler installations along side the guy I trained with. I’ve recorded all jobs I’ve done also.
  2. kezz_123

    kezz_123 plumber

    Just stay relaxed and u will be fine. I had mine a couple months back and I was the same as you. I went to a boiler install I done and just went through the basics. Gas test, safety procedures , fga. Working pressure standing pressure etc. What to do in certain criteria’s. Half of them I explained what and why I was doing and he just said ok u understand let’s move on. Was with me for 30-40 mins. Proper nice fella and just talked about crazy stuff he has come across . Just a couple questions on fires and hobs. All basic stuff. It’s a doddle and they are there to help! All the best.
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  3. ccharliee

    ccharliee GSR

    Done one last year, make sure you have everything with you, paperwork, warning labels, temporary bonding clamps they will ask to see everything, at the time, one of my analysers was being calibrated and my clamps were in the bag, he didn't mind but noted it down, he just followed me to two services, asked me to basically carry out a service and explain everything I was doing, asked some questions, filled out his paperwork, checked some of my paperwork, and left, as long as you're confident in what you do, its just like having a nosey customer with you nothing to worry about they're not there to catch you out, all they want to know is that you're working safely and know what you're doing the guy they sent to me was a really nice guy hes welcome any time, hope that helps.
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