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  1. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Taking out , bbu, fire, cylinder, tanks all rads and pipework
    Install combi on outside wall
    Upgrade 14 m of gas pipework
    8 rad heating system
    Replace 20m of hot pipework

    What an Interesting thread this has turned out to be , its opened my eyes .
    So most of you are saying this is do-able in a 5 ish day week .
    One man on his own is going to do that lot above .
    carefully move furniture, remove carpets , pull up floorboards , notch joists , install rads and pipework (copper), pressure test and flush pipework ( maybe) .
    Install boiler , filter , coni pipe , new gas pipe, seal flue , commission system and boiler , explain how it works , everything replaced properly and leave nothing undone, etc etc 100% finished . Oh and answer phone god knows how many times .

    In a week ????
  2. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    I tried guessing, and I reckon 6.5 days assuming no major complications. I suppose it could be done in 5, if everything went smoothly, but I know it never does go smoothly.
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  3. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    If he is ripping all the old stuff out mate the notches and stuff will already be there. He asked for a rough guide. I have actually done a 6 rad full system in 6 days in the scenario below. A bungalow with solid floors and all rad supplies and pipework are in the loft space. Obviously different factors will add on time i.e. If they are a hoarder/lots of furniture. But if this was the case I would quote a million pound to do the job anyway:p:p
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  4. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!


    conversion from gravity to combi a day
    "" and rads two days
    combi to combi a day

    its a race to the bottom sorry to say with anything big
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  5. sammathias

    sammathias GSR

    Day one - drain down strip out bbu,fire,cylinder,tanks,rads and pipework (10 hours)

    Day two - hang rads, hang boiler and flue. Prep joist if needed.(8 hours)

    Day three and four - pipework, fill up, check for leaks, chem flush, floorboards,carpets etc

    Day five - commission and hand over
    (5 hours)

    Was only curious on labour costs bud. Dont get me wrong some take longer this is just your average 8 rad semi.
  6. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Cheers guys , I am not interested in the money side just the labour /hours ,
    I didn't want to nick Sams thread . So decided to post a new one .
    Personally I probably wouldnt do a full system unless it was an empty house and there was realistically no time limit.
  7. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Your day 3 and 4 would be another day onto for me and sammathias I remove the flexi liner which is also extra time. However I sometimes think I am Superman and it sometimes does take me longer. Depends what I find whilst working and what I have to correct from other people's errors as I go.
  8. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    I never think I am Superman, but it always seems to take longer than I think, which is probably why I tend to undercharge. Though I'm getting more accurate with my quotations.
  9. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    normally comes down with a pull
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  10. sammathias

    sammathias GSR

    Fully furnished, nice carpets, laminate flooring all a plumbers nighmare!! I also do abit of maintanance work for local authority and their combi heating systems are thrown in in a day by 4 wollys. Their plumbing etc is decent its the putting floorboards and carpets back they lack pride! By decent i mean acceptable.
  11. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    never tried pulling one straight down. Hate getting dirty at the best of times.:p:p:p
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  12. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    I hate doing full upgrades especially back boilers filthy things so would allow 8 -9 days for a 8 rad system take it or leave it custard i am not interested in killing myself early.
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  13. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    no matter what it always takes longer than you anticipate, i find its the finishing off that takes all the time best part of a day the little finiky bits tidying up the wiring cementing up commissioning dont forget that annoying leak in the awkward corner.

    i would give about 7 days on my own to do that size of job
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