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  1. James77

    James77 New Member

    My bathtub drain became very slow a week ago. My toilet next to it flushed slower too. When I flushed the toilet, from the bathtub drain it would come up with some bubbles and water like a little vocano. Ocasionally the sink drain next to the toilet, further away from the bathtub would bring bubbles and water in the toilet and the bathtub too. I tried snake the toilet. The snake was 7 meters long. It came out all clean from the toilet. I used about 1 kg Mr. Magic caustic soda and baking soda mixture with white vineger in the bathtub, toiet and sink. I poured hot water into the bathtub and toilet. It hasn't got any better. Any idea why and what I should do next? Thanks.
    The picture I attached I found online. It's very similiar to my bathroom setup.

  2. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    You definitely have a blockage in your soil pipe somewhere. How is the kitchen sink at draining? If you have a man hole cover lift it and check as the blockage could be further down the drains.
    Is there any chance something has gone down the loo that shouldn't have like a rim block?
    If the kitchen sink drains fine and lifting the manhole reveals a nice clear chamber then it's likely to be in your soil pipe between the loo and the inspection chamber. Any rodding points outside?
    Drains are a thing I steer clear of, there's a drains guy in Bolton who does a fixed price and I pass his details to any customers who phone me about a blockage, £59 - cheaper than I'd charge.
    I like sweetcorn too much to go clearing drains.
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  3. SallyDB

    SallyDB New Member

    My daughter had the same problem...low and behold the main sewer outlet from the property was glogged with face wipes.
  4. James77

    James77 New Member

    Thanks guys. You were right. It's the soil pipe. My neighbour called plumber last night. I guess his drains were blocked too. Later last night, all my drains were unblocked. What a relief.
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  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Don`t forget to tell the people on the other forum the result ! :);)
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