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  1. Olly h

    Olly h New Member

    Hi, have a quick question, currently living in a two bed listed cottage that's heated by a wood burner with back boiler with that I heat with an emmersion hot water cylinder and a vented tank in the loft.

    The wood burner keeps up with the heating demand in winter, but really cracks through the wood and needs to be run all day, so was wondering if its possible to install an electric boiler for the central heating to warm the place in the morning before the missus gets up and then tick over/warm before we get home from work and can light the woodburner?

    I know electric is going to be very expensive, but even if I can get planning for an external oil boiler its looking like a 15k install cost.

    Any thoughts? Ta.
  2. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    H2 panel will do what you want but you will need someone who knows what they're doing to make it work properly and safely
  3. Olly h

    Olly h New Member

    Thanks, that looks like a great but complicated piece if kit! Will start searching installers
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