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  1. tony_b

    tony_b GSR

    I have sent several Pm's to Gasman and 1 to Croppie today but neither have got back to me, is there an issue with my Pm's?
  2. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    No, I've been chasing up for you. Patience! :D
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  3. tony_b

    tony_b GSR

    Great, many thanks.. I wasnt sure my message were getting through. I will leave it with you.

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  4. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    I'm also looking into it amongst other things
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  5. tony_b

    tony_b GSR

    thank you as well.. was you feeling a little left out? lol
  6. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    I wish
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  7. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    its showing you have sent me a pm but its not showing me your message,saying that i work so dont see them until late
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  8. tony_b

    tony_b GSR

    That's why I thought I would put a message up on here, I had a feeling that my message were not getting through properly
  9. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Seeing that you`ve been around since Nov 2014 what`s the rush?
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  10. tony_b

    tony_b GSR

    no rush just wanted to make sure my messages were getting received.