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    MURRAY Guest

    When replying to threads I cannot seem to upload images. I have tried inserting image from computer but it will not upload, pasting from word but it will not paste and tried to add attachment- all to no avail. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggs?
  2. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    image.jpg Working for me m sorry first pic in my album
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  3. Dotty

    Dotty Guest


    MURRAY Guest

    When I press on insert image another window comes up- white with a box in the middle. Two tabs exist 1) From computer 2) from URL. I select computer- browse to the file (have tried jpg and png files, which open on a host of software) but when I press the upload button nothing happens? A similar thing is happening with the attachments option- I select the file and push the add button and the timer turns but nothing ever attaches!!! I am on Windows 8- would this have something top do with it- or browser security settings. Not a boffin when it comes to such matters.
  5. Aca

    Aca Guest


    When i want to post a new topic, click on the icon, it only allow me to insert from URL link, how can I post image from computer?

  6. wetdrip

    wetdrip Plumber

    I cannot upload from my computer.
    I have to use photobucket, this happened after forum problems, a few weeks back.
    I'm on firefox.
  7. jjevershed

    jjevershed Guest

    I cannot upload from PC either. When I insert links to Photobucket my post is denied. I am a new member, why can't I post?
  8. Nobbyone

    Nobbyone New Member

    Looks like only external links to images are allowed as I only have the URL option.
  9. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem - URL links only. At the bottom of this page is a box "Posting Permissions" which says that I may not post attachments.

    Strange, considering I have posted them in the past - current count 42.
  10. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    isnt there a minimum post count of 10 before someone is allowed to post pics? that would explain why some of the posters above are struggling....
  11. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    There is a minimum post count but I think there's also a few issues from when we had the server issues a while ago.

    I'll try and bring Dan's attention to it.
  12. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    That was four days ago!

    How much longer do we have to wait?
  13. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    Patience is a virtue
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  14. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    And annoying me isn't.

    Dan's a busy boy you know, he doesn't just run this forum. There's about a dozen plus various web pages etc.
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  15. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    That might explain why he has not replied to my email via the "contact us" link.

    However the problem is not restricted to me. It is affecting all forum members, so it should be given high priority.
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