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  1. jhake01

    jhake01 New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation
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  2. Le Plumber

    Le Plumber New Member

    Williams, Coomers, Ideal,
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  3. CP1111

    CP1111 Member

    Plumbsave, BES, city plumbing
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  4. Navara

    Navara New Member

    Heating World of Spares
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  5. Zorin

    Zorin New Member

    1 Screwfix, 2 Blackburn DIY, 3 B&Q.
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  6. sosborn

    sosborn New Member

    Screwfix, Plumbcity (local to East Anglia), Toolstation, Plumb Centre, Grahams.
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  7. jclarke62

    jclarke62 New Member

    Screwfix, plumbcentre
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  8. Atouchofgas

    Atouchofgas Plumber GSR

    City plumbing, Williams, plumbase
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  9. Chomp

    Chomp New Member

    Sps(Sussex Plumbing Supplies), Graham, Screwfix, and Toolstation
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  10. Hermo

    Hermo New Member

    William Wilsons, Plumb Centre, BSS/PTS. Mr Centralheating for kits. Dependeds on circumstances and location. If I'm desperate for something I'll go wherever is closest
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  11. woodsy

    woodsy Plumber GSR

    James Hargreaves, city,Bes, screwfix
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  12. Stew125

    Stew125 New Member

    Edwards, Midland heating spares,
    Other local suppliers as required
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  13. henly1234

    henly1234 GSR

    City, Screwfix, Plumb.
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  14. T&Earth

    T&Earth New Member

    I Mainly use Plumbcity, BES on-line Toolstation.
    Hope this helps
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  15. gadget53

    gadget53 New Member

    castle plumbing(newport gwent), screwfix.
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  16. lincolnimp

    lincolnimp New Member

    Screwfix,Plumb centre, and City plumbing
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  17. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Plumb centre, part centre, city plumbing supplies & screwfix
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  18. Phps

    Phps New Member

    Plumbcenter, Grahams, City Plumbing, Toolstation and Screwfix occasionally
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  19. voivod

    voivod Plumber GSR

    william wilson, Graham, Bss, Screwfix
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  20. Gdfrancis07

    Gdfrancis07 New Member

    Screwfix, Powered Heating Components, Heating Spares 247.
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  21. Whale

    Whale New Member

    BSS and SBS
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  22. Imillar

    Imillar New Member

    BES, PlumbNation, Radiator Sales, Screwfix
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  23. Home tech

    Home tech New Member

    Home tech Mkm and plumb centre
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  24. sedbloggs

    sedbloggs New Member

    Screwfix, Plumbase, Bradford. Shower Doctor (online) deserves a mention as well
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  25. Essex plumbing

    Essex plumbing New Member

    In South Essex area, I would use TEC Supplies (Maldon & Heybridge), SX Heating (Basildon & Grays) and Connect (Rayleigh)
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  26. andygflash

    andygflash New Member

    City Plumbing, BES and DHS
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  27. Tiggyb16

    Tiggyb16 New Member

    Plumb centre, bss, city plumbing
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  28. Jerry S

    Jerry S Guest

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  29. zoomer

    zoomer New Member

    I mainly use B&Q and Homebase.
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  30. Richchad

    Richchad New Member

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  31. RobHum

    RobHum New Member

    Bence builders merchants, Screwfix,
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  32. dirtydog88

    dirtydog88 New Member

    Williams, screwfix/plumbfix are my 2 normal ones occasionally city plumbing or pts if they're nearer and I'm in a hurry
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    Last edited: Apr 1, 2017
  33. McrRed

    McrRed New Member

    Atlas (local to me), Screwfix, B&Q (for weekend/out of hours stuff), Heating Replacement Parts
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  34. wishihadyours

    wishihadyours New Member

    Screwfix - Parkers plumbing Supplies (Maidstone builders merchants) Plumbworld
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  35. Willis West

    Willis West New Member

    Plumb centre/part centre, screwfix & independant
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