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  1. Magnaman

    Magnaman New Member

    City Plumbing Bridport & Weymouth and also Dorchester Plumbing Supplies, Dorchester Dorset
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  2. jajodu

    jajodu New Member

    Screwfix, toolstation, plumbcentre, plumbase
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  3. Jay The Plumber

    Jay The Plumber Active Member

    Williams, plumb center, screwfix
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  4. Headrush

    Headrush New Member

    Screwfix and Plumbcenter
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  5. lynxdp

    lynxdp New Member

    Plumbcentre, plumbase, screwfix,toolstation
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  6. Wortonmiller

    Wortonmiller New Member

    Screwfix, toolstation, plumbcentre, local plumber merchant
  7. JohnJocys

    JohnJocys New Member

    JC Quirk, Sale, Cheshire
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  8. JohnJocys

    JohnJocys New Member

    JC Quirk, Sale, Cheshire
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  9. Boltmichael

    Boltmichael New Member

    Ehh oop i use city plumbing mostly and wickes are occasionally cheaper than city plumbing
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  10. GoNz0

    GoNz0 New Member

    Screwfix, Toolstation & Plumb Centre.
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  11. Masood

    Masood Guest

    Williams, toolstation, Selco, couple of small local independents...
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  12. SteveG01

    SteveG01 New Member

    For every day stuff 'Toolstation' , more specialised 'Plumb Center'. If I have time then online with BES.
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  13. plumbtech

    plumbtech GSR

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  14. gary goon

    gary goon New Member

    Elec-mec stanmore screwfix toolstation
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  15. mikeygas

    mikeygas Plumber GSR

    Screwfix, City Plumbing, Williams & Co, Local independent Merchants, Toolstation.
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