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  1. aaron david

    aaron david New Member

    BES ,Plumbase , Screwfix
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  2. Kargo

    Kargo New Member

    City Plumbing, Screwfix and if we have to Plumb Centre
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  3. Macabre

    Macabre New Member

    Screwfix and the Plumb Centre
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  4. pault123

    pault123 Member

    City Plumbing & Plumbase
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  5. Raff

    Raff Member

    screwfix, selco
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  6. Bruce16

    Bruce16 New Member

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  7. Bruce16

    Bruce16 New Member

    Parts Centre Hydepark Street Glasgow
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  8. bigdc

    bigdc New Member

    plumbnation, mr central heating , plumbfix
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  9. bert large

    bert large Plumber GSR

    City Plumbing, Plumbase & Toolstation.
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  10. Bazzer2005

    Bazzer2005 New Member

    Screwfix, Plumb Centre
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  11. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Almost definitely starting to repeat shed loads now lol Probably got enough entries. But I dare say if I start making a poll now we'll still be getting replies to this thread for another few days anyway so I'll just let it keep running until it calms down.
  12. unwaith

    unwaith New Member

    Screwfix, Tool Station, Jewson, Huws Grey
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  13. simon1969

    simon1969 New Member

    William Wilson, Screwfix, BES, Mr Central Heating
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  14. stamfordboy

    stamfordboy New Member

    City Plumbing, Plumbstock, Screwfix.
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  15. stamfordboy

    stamfordboy New Member

    and Plumb centre
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  16. REDSAW

    REDSAW Guest

    its called plumbfix and if your trade you get a discount (and free coffee n doughnut)
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  17. Dan

    Dan Admin

    Much discount though? Are they on a par with actual plumbing firms?
  18. erdem

    erdem New Member

    FENIXCOTECH is well
    they website :
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  19. Peaky

    Peaky New Member

    Ilkeston Plumbing & Heating Supplies,
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  20. Sue66

    Sue66 New Member

    Screwfix, B&Q, HPW, Selco
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  21. oldandworried

    oldandworried New Member

    Cliftons Trade Bathrooms, screwfix, Taps UK
  22. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    BSS & plumb center + locals
  23. Andy678

    Andy678 New Member

    Screwfix, Lidl
  24. Glismore

    Glismore New Member

    Thame Plumbing Supplies, Toolstation, Screwfix, City Plumbing, Plumb Center, Showerdoc
  25. JCplumb

    JCplumb Plumber

    Toolstation, Screwfix and a local indy named Sankeys
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  26. Bodger12

    Bodger12 New Member

    Toolstation, Plumbworld, Screwfix
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  27. Pro Action

    Pro Action GSR

    Plumb/parts/pipe center, plumbfix and Grant& stone
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  28. basecoat

    basecoat New Member

    Hi Dan
    I use Toolstation, Screwfix, Selco, B&Q and Homebase rarely wicks
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  29. Electrolysis

    Electrolysis New Member

    I usually use Williams & Company; Plumbcentre.
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  30. Suggy50

    Suggy50 New Member

    Screwfix or mail order
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  31. hENRYDAC

    hENRYDAC New Member

    Grahams,screwfix,city plumbing supplies
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  32. Phil

    Phil Plumber

    95% internet order, BES, Williams, Plumbfix, Toolataion etc

    or if I need to go into a shop its James Hargreves.

    What appeals to me more from BES is that £40 free delivery cut off.
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  33. calumiain

    calumiain New Member

    Toolstation; BHL; JTM; Insulation Express; TLC
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  34. goz666

    goz666 GSR

    Plumbase, Gas Appliance Spares, Plumbfix.
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  35. steadyon

    steadyon Active Member

    Local merchants (Crown Plumbing, North Ealing), Screwfix, BES
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