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  1. leesparkykent

    leesparkykent S. Mod

    SNH trade centre, BES, City plumbing and plumb center
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  2. Stanios

    Stanios Plumber GSR

    Screwfix for small things, Williams Croydon for bigger jobs, Heatingspares24/7 for boiler parts.
    So far not come across any other merchants that come even close to prices, convenience and level of service of the above
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  3. Adeh61

    Adeh61 New Member

    Mr Central Heating for main parts radiators etc, then toolstation and screwfix for smaller orders.
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  4. David G

    David G New Member

    Screwfix & Beggs & Partners
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  5. Mylcrist2016

    Mylcrist2016 New Member

    Drake's ,allbits screwfix and plumb centre
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  6. 2112

    2112 New Member

    screwfix. various ebay sellers for stock. local indies. even amazon.
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  7. turnpin

    turnpin Trusted Plumber

    Toolstation,Screwfix,Heathpace(local merchant)...regards Turnpin
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  8. Dan

    Dan Admin

    750 views and 81 replies in a few hours aint bad. Keep 'em coming people. Probably got enough to start knocking up a thread with a poll about now but I'll leave this running for a week or so while I get on with other things. :)
  9. nick00

    nick00 New Member

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  10. Colreyno

    Colreyno New Member

    Toolstation, MKM, City Plumbing
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  11. Wbgas

    Wbgas New Member

    Plumb centre, Mr central heating, screwfix
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  12. ballofix

    ballofix New Member

    ESP in Preston and sometimes Screwfix
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  13. Spinball

    Spinball New Member

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  14. tomgii

    tomgii New Member

    Plumbstock, plumbfix, BES
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  15. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Williams, Local merchant (Centre Heating)
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